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Despite the vast amounts of fresh water available, many Tanzanians still face water shortages due to insufficient capacity to access and store it, both in rural and urban areas. Over 4 million Tanzanians lack access to a proper source of clean water. Students often have to miss their school and walk for several miles so their families can have sufficient supply of water.A viable solution to this water shortage problem is building wells in places that do not have convenient access to clean water. Dr. Akil Lalji, a socialite, founded an NGO named MOBILEYES FOUNDATION TZ in 2012 to provide free medical camps for eye checkups for the people of Tanzania, especially those living in the rural areas. In the same year, Dr. Lalji’s foundation also built a well in 2012 to solve the water shortage problem in multiple cities and villages in Tanzania. They have built wells in public schools, mosques, churches, and even some neighboring villages. As of today, Dr. Lalji’s NGO - with the unconditional support of the community - has built 225 wells across the country and they intend to make clean water available for many more people.However, installing a well is an expensive affair. So, we would like to encourage our community to open their hearts and donate towards this noble cause in East Africa, so Dr. Lalji and his NGO can achieve their dream of bringing clean water to all the people of Tanzania.Thanks for the support and assistance!


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