Ik Onkar Bridges

Humanitarian Aid for The Ukrainian Crisis

A few volunteers (Harbir Kaur Bhatia and her mother Gunwant Bhatia) are traveling to Ukraine/Poland area and border to provide refugee and humanitarian support.


They will be supporting logistics, medical aid, supply deliveries across the Ukraine border, and helping immigrants evacuate safely and will provide regular updates from there. Currently, most of the support is being provided by local individuals in each country and NGOs.


There is a huge need for financial support, extra hands, and specific supplies. We are collecting funds and specific supplies.


Many men are staying back to fight, and women and children are rushing across the border. Children's hospitals, maternity wards, and all civilian sites are not off-limits now. Students and immigrants are left stranded and facing difficulty getting out.


After landing, the Volunteers will visit and help the Rotary Club of Poland and Poland Gurdwara. As they are providing significant support to refugees and immigrants.


The volunteers will be on the ground stationed with United Sikhs. We request your support in helping in this crisis. Funds will be distributed directly to the individual families and orgs providing support.


We will be providing regular webinar/video updates from the sites. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground.


Thanks for the support and assistance!


$ 30k


$ 3,285





Jayne Hulbert

$ 250 Donated

Mumtaz Zoomkhi

$ 100 Donated

Rachna Sethi

$ 225 Donated

‘‘Thank you Harbir for all that you are doing in supporting Ukraine!’’

Jayne Hulbert

‘‘May God bless Ukrainian people’’

Mumtaz Zoomkhi

‘‘Thank you for all the work you're doing for the people of Ukraine!’’

Rachna Sethi

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