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VNIT Alumni 2020 Golden Jubilee Event

VNIT Alumni 2020 Golden Jubilee Event

The mission of the VNIT Alumni Association is to bring all alumni under a common umbrella for the purpose of professional networking, intellectual engagement, fostering fellowship and building a bridge between alumni and current students.

Through mentoring activities, industry events, awards and scholarships and promoting discussion of issues relevant to our profession, alumni aim to help VNIT to produce Engineers and Architects of the highest caliber while creating a vibrant professional culture capable of addressing the technological needs of global society.

VNIT Golden Jubilee Celebration will be held in December 2020. We are doing a fundraiser for US Alumni. Please contribute in USD and also get a receipt for the IRS tax deduction.

If your US company matches donations then please submit the receipt for a donation to your company for matching purposes.

Visit us at VNIT Nagpur on Facebook  

The fundraising is by Selectiva Charities (started by VNIT 1986 Alumni)


$ 100k


$ 1,350





Vivekanand Nandiwada

$ 1,350 Donated

‘‘Please pass this donation on to VNIT COVID initiative for feeding the needy’’

Vivekanand Nandiwada